Be your own Contractor and SAVE MONEY!

Trent saved 62%

• He built an addition on to his house
• He did most of the work himself and contracted out the rest
See what he did

“The best thing about my experience was gaining the confidence to know that everything I did would be done correctly.”

Andrew saved 29%

•He built a garage
•He did some of the work himself and contracted most of it out
See what he did

“They provided good advice when I needed it and helped me to do as much work myself as possible.”

We helped them save $$$

It’s a Fact:
“…most renovators have overhead and expenses in the 24 to 42 per cent range, so they’ll need markups of 50 to 60 per cent to stay in business. Contractors claim they can’t sell a job at that markup. Well, profitable companies do it every day.”
-Canadian Contractor Winter 2004

We can help you too.

With our DIY Consulting and Support services you can achieve significant savings while avoiding the Pitfalls that often derail DIY Projects. We can provide the expertise and guidance you need to determine what you can do yourself and which services you require. Your own capabilities will determine how much, or how little, DIY Consulting and Support you need. With our support you can be assured of a topnotch, professionally executed, DIY project!

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